The Steamier Stories


After Death Do Us Part

A Halloween Romance
Lisa’s hopes of becoming a mother are crushed when her husband spends her inheritance on a dilapidated old monster of a house in a remote location by the sea. Despite her struggles to make the best of the situation, the loneliness and isolation start to get to her, and things happen that make her question her sanity.

When things go from bad to worse, and her marriage begins to fall apart, Lisa struggles to find some happiness and consolation in her solitary existence. When her only neighbor’s son brings his children trick-or-treating at her house, her dream of a family is awakened once more. But can Lisa be happy raising another woman’s children? And can she find her happily-ever-after in a haunted house?

The Women at Mustang Creek

Gwen and Patricia have kept their relationship a secret for years. The good and God-fearing people of nearby town Chestnut Hill wouldn’t understand their love or their forbidden passion. The women keep to themselves. Together they’ve built a life at the homestead by Mustang Creek. Life is a struggle, but they’ve found happiness together. The only thing missing from their little piece of paradise is a baby to love.

Johnson is running from the law, the sheriff and his dogs yapping at his heels. If they catch him, he will hang, a brutal end to an all too hard life. Just when he can’t run any further, he stumbles onto a homestead and hides in the barn. Impending disaster forces him out of hiding, without any regard to his own safety, and when Patricia finds out he’s been hiding in their barn, he’s convinced that his luck has run out. She is a forceful woman and a crack shot with a strong distrust for men. But instead of shooting him, the women give him food and shelter, and when he pledges to do whatever he can to help them in return, they surprise him by taking him up on his offer.

The women at Mustang Creek seem content and happy together, just the two of them, but there is something about Patricia that makes it impossible for Johnson to leave. He will do anything to repay the women for saving his life, but unless he can win Patricia’s trust, he will have to leave Mustang Creek. And the only woman he ever loved.