An “After Death” Experience – try it for free today!

There is a particular kind of exhaustion that follows a book release and I’m right in the middle of it now. I’ve been on holiday for a couple of weeks while the proofreaders did their thing, but I don’t feel a smidgen of that recuperation now. Just a weary and resigned fatigue, much as I did after giving birth. Both times I was certain that I wouldn’t make it, that I just couldn’t do it, and when it was over I was too exhausted to feel the excitement of what I’d just done.  Just like with a pregnancy, there comes a time in the gestation of a book when you just want it OUT, when you’re too worn out to even fear the delivery/publication any longer. You just want the baby/book to be here, outside in the real world, breathing on its own, eventually standing on its own two feet.

All this to say that After Death Do Us Part is out now, available only on Amazon. The book is free any day of the week if you’ve got a Kindle Unlimited subscription (and if you don’t, you might want to get one, you can try it for free for 30 days!) Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

If you’re not a KU subscriber, you can still snag a free copy of After Death Do Us Part. The book is free on Amazon July 12-14, so if you’re curious about what I’ve been working on for the last few (afraid to think about how many) months, jump on over and one-click yourself a complimentary ebook. The paperback edition is still in the works, but should be out before the end of the summer, if all goes to plan (which it hardly ever does … 🙂  )
I hope you will enjoy my little ghost story or whatever it is that I’ve written. I really don’t know what I think about it myself, at the moment, but I’m glad I took the time out of my writing schedule to just go with this idea. Hopefully, it will find some readers that enjoy it, even if it is very different from my regular stuff. If you don’t mind being a little bit frightened here and there, and you don’t mind a bit of adulting, this book might be for you.
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