Summertime — and have I got a hot ghost story for you!

Wow, the last few months disappeared on me but now summer is here, and I’m ready to tell the world that I have a new book coming out soon. And NO, it is not the second book in the Scandinavian Winter series. I’m sorry, I know some of you have been waiting for ages, and I promised to have it done like six months ago (SORRY!), but Susan and Lynxx have not yet found their “happy ever after”, so you’ll just have to wait a bit longer.

No, the book that has finally begun to come together is my Halloween story, which is no longer a Halloween story. What it is, I’m not sure,  some sort of paranormal romance thriller, perhaps, but the beta readers that I’ve heard from so far seem to really like it. It is the story of Lisa who is forced to move into a haunted house that her husband spent all of her savings on, the money that she had planned to use for IVF. Not the best decision he ever made, I can tell you that. This story, as I said, started out as something completely different, but the core of it was clear from the start. A ghost comes to the rescue of a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage. And what a ghost! Anthony Stewart is tall, dark and handsome, of course, and he’s intense and brooding (well, you would be too if you had been falsely accused of murder) and … no, I’m not going to spoil it for you.

The book is called After Death Us Do Part, and it is very different from my other books. It is written in 1st person, and there is a bit more adulting going on than in my previous books, but at this point, I’ve decided to not be picky. I’ll take whatever the muses have to offer. And being smart and strategic when it comes to my publishing, well, I guess I knew all along that I wasn’t going to be able to do that. I’ll never be a pro bestseller, publishing a book a month, just-churning-them-out kind of author. I write when I’m inspired and when I can find the time and I write the stories that pop into my head, no matter how they fit into my schedule (or not).

I certainly hope that Susan and Lynxx will continue on their path to love, now that Lisa and her ghost story is out if the way. I’m about half way through their book, Hold On, and I’ve got some of the major scenes out of the way (the birth scene, OMG, you’re going to love that!) but now I’m facing the difficult part of getting these extremely reluctant people to dare to open up and let themselves feel and love and with these two … That’s going to be hard! They are so determined that they don’t need anyone, they are both stubborn and set in their ways and they are both so exactly what the other needs that it’s stupid. I just have to write this book. Maybe it will be ready by next Christmas? 😉


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