Out with the old, in with the new!


The year is more or less over. There’s a fancy meal to be consumed, some festivities and light celebrations with loved ones, a barrage of fireworks from the neighbors, and a few hours of sleep left, but that’s it. 2016 is over and done with.

I’m guessing that a lot of people are saying that this year can’t be over soon enough, but I wonder what they’ll say when someone loved, admired and iconic dies during the first week of January (because face it, someone is going to die next year as well). If George R R Martin directed 2016, who’s in charge of 2017? Maybe it will be Quentin Tarantino? I’m voting for Amy Sherman-Palladino. Even though I don’t drink coffee. See, not everyone on this planet does things for purely selfish reasons. I’d just rather live in Stars Hollow. Well, wouldn’t everyone?

So, what else is new during the last moments of the year? Oh, I’m on Instagram now, as @saralisaandersson. Not that I’m much in the way of a photographer and my life so far has not been what one would call Insta-worthy, but now I have an excuse to spend hours and hours looking at other people’s pretty photos and what was I supposed to do with all that free time, anyway? Write a book?

Oh, right. Hm.

Well, I’ve been writing, honestly, but I’ve just not been finishing so much. To help me keep my eyes on the finish line, I’ve thrown together a quick mockup of the cover for Hold On, the second book in the Scandinavian Winter series, and it’s so very different from what I had originally planned. I’ve changed the e-book cover for Until We Lay to see if it makes any difference in discoverability or the readers’ expectations (t’s too soon to tell yet, if it has made any difference) and if I keep that cover, the cover for book 2 might be something like this. There’s a pregnant woman, a computer hacker and it is set mid-winter, in the far north of Sweden, under the Aurora Borealis. Yes, I’m literal like that. It might look completely different by the time I’ve finished the book, but then again, it might not …

If I can manage to Hold On until 2017 (ha!), we’ll see how it turns out!

Happy New Year to any and all! <3 S


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