Haunted by Halloween

It’s October!!! How come no one told me?!? I’m not even almost done with my ghost story, so I’d better get to work. Johnson and the ladies of Mustang Creek will just have to wait …
I’ve changed the title because well, duh. Until Death Do Us Part makes no sense as a title if he is already dead! So very dead … But then, there’s this other dude, and I’m thinking he will get the HEA instead of ghost dude, because living with a dead dude forever is just not as romantic as literature is trying to make it seem.
I’ve been writing at an almost frantic pace and gone off track with the plot completely more than once. I really hope that I will get this done in time and that I’ll manage to patch the plot holes in a way that the story makes at least a little sense to the reader. I’m changing it to First Person POV, to be able to really get under Lisa’s skin and create a more immediate feel to the events that take place in the story. I also really need to amp up the scary, I think, if this is supposed to be a Halloween novella. Anthony’s just too hot and tormented to be scary as it is now. Someone is going to have to die! (Hint: Not the dead dude!)
I have another week or so before I need to get this to the editor. Otherwise, I won’t get everything ready for publishing in time for Halloween. I already missed the deadline for the big Halloween promo 🙁  but refuse to give up on getting the story out there in time for the spook fest. Since I’ve been planning this since Easter, I really feel that I need to get it done.
How I’m getting along with the Christmas short story? Please, don’t ask …

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