A party – and books, lots of lovely books!

Summer still lingers and this weekend is all about a party that I am very excited about. For once I am in the mood for a party right when it is actually happening and not the week after or two months before … The weather is going to be nice and we can be outside and there will be balloons and decorations and a mystery game and lots of treats and fun will be had by all. (I’ve already decided that. It’s my party. I decide things. That is the rule.)
This week has been a pretty good one, even before the party gets started. I’ve been writing almost every day and that always makes me happy for some reason. I’ve also, for once, managed to do it without dropping all the other balls that I’m juggling. Good for me.
Another reason for my good mood is that I’m going to the Gothenburg Bookfair on Thursday, so next week I’ll be blogging on location! It’s an intense 4-day book fest with seminars about books and trends in books, panel discussions with authors and publishers about books and the book business, authors being interviewed on stage about their books and their writing habits and lots and lots of books being sold directly by the publishers at bargain prices. Did I mention that there would be books? Oh, there will be so many books. And so many of them will want to come home with me!
This year I’m excited about a seminar on romance, the first in all the years I’ve been going (more than I care to remember), with Simona Ahrnstedt who released her All In in the US and UK this summer, Lina Forss who has just released the first book in the trilogy Stockholm romance called Arvtagerskan (which translates to The Heiress but the book is as far as I know not available in English), Katerina Janoush who just released some erotica short stories and my old professor from Linnéuniversitetet Maria Nilson who has written a book on romance called Kärlek, passion, begär (Love, passion, desire). Quite the line-up. Should be interesting.
The Goodreads Giveaway is wrapping up this weekend, on Sunday, so there’s still time to sign up if you would like a paperback edition of Until We Lay. More than 600 people already have, and that’s nice. I know that most of them will probably never get around to reading it, but it’s nice that they considered doing it at some point. There are so many books, after all, and so very little time to read them in.
A sad thought, but this is not the time to be sad. This is the time to party! Now, where is my party hat?

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