They’re here!



The books are here and everything that was wrong with the proof copies has been fixed. The box stands next to my desk and I keep glancing over there, stopping whatever I’m doing just to smile and feel good about the fact that I’ve got a whole box of books that I wrote! I hope that feeling never grows old, no matter how many books I write.
Yesterday was day-job deadline day, so today is a catching-up type of day when I wrestle with my printer and fill out forms and sort papers into binders and do all the little things that I don’t have time for in the Deadline Dungeon. If I’m good and work fast, I should have a good few hours of writing time before the family comes home. Better get cracking.
I’m sort of split between my different projects at the moment. I should get started on Scandinavian Winter 2: Hold On, which I’ve plotted out entirely (a whole new way of working for me), but I also need to finish the ghost story in time for Halloween (working title: ‘Til Death Do Us Part). And then there’s the silly western story (working title: not sure but it should have the word ‘stallion’ in it) that I have no idea what I’m doing with, but it’s the one that I’m most drawn to at the moment.
So many books, so little time to write them in!
I’ve set up a Goodreads Giveaway for Until We Lay, but you need to book it a week in advance, so it won’t start until next Friday, more about that later.
This weekend (3-4 September) you should head Down under and check out all the great books in Patty Jansen’s Science Fiction and Fantasy promo. This month everything is 99 cents, (even the box sets!) and there are links to other retailers as well, if you’re not a Kindle type of person. Just choose your favorite store below the image and see what books are available there.

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