What we in Sweden call Gäsp!

A bit muddled in the old brain today because I didn’t sleep much at all. Again. And I’ve got a day-job deadline next week and day jobs wait for no woman, unfortunately.
I might be a little behind on the day job since I spent some time this week sorting out the new files for the paperback edition of Until We Lay, the very first of my Scandinavian Winter Romances, but I really wanted to get them sorted and get the book out there. Createspace printed up my own copies in no time (just a few hours, actually) and the first box of actual book books are on its way across the Atlantic to me as we speak (type). Estimated delivery is Thursday but I’m hoping they get here sooner. The proof copies got here in record time, so fingers crossed!
The minute I’ve unpacked that box and hold a copy in my hand, I’m scheduling a Goodreads Giveaway (it says in the fine print that you have to have the book that you’re giving away in your possession) to see if I can spread the word about my book to some nice new readers. So far the feedback has been good, but sparse like the readership, and it is no wonder when you think about all the books that are published every day. Thousands, probably. I’m not expecting to sell a gazillion paperbacks, but they are great for signings and for Giveaways and for putting on the shelf next to my desk and making me feel like I’ve actually accomplished something. It is so wonderfully tangible!
I spent part of my sleepless night on my Halloween story that I plotted months ago but never had time to write. Another couple of thousand words in, it still works but I need to pick up the pace if I’m to have it done in time. I’m worried that I won’t be able to put it in Romance, since the Hero is … well, dead. That kind of puts a spanner in the HEA, some might say.
But I figure there must be some leeway in a ghost story, or in most Paranormal romance for that matter, because I bet there are tons of dead or even undead love interests there. My guy is just a regular dead guy, haunting the house where he killed himself, so it should be fine. But I’ve got a nice neighbor waiting in the wings that can step in if I find that I need a real, live hero in the end. And I just figured out how I can make that work, romantically. Bam, problem solved!!! Thank you, you’ve been a great help! Now I’ve got to get back to work! Or perhaps take a little nap …

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