Proof Day – Like Christmas, only better!

Yes, the proof copy of Until We Lay is here, and it is not boring galleys but an actual proper book that I can hold in my hand and touch and smell and turn the pages of. Lovely, lovely, lovely! And as much as I do love my ebooks this one won’t ever run out of batteries!
There are some slight formatting/conversion issues that need to be sorted, but nothing major. The Createspace automatic robot previewer told me that s/he/it hated my font and that it would probably come out all blurry but I think the text looks very readable, nice and big. I intend to read the whole book over the weekend, looking for weird hyphenations, widows and orphans and such, but mostly just to revisit the story. I’m so looking forward to that, it’s absolutely silly! It is such a dream come true, to get to hold your book in your hand, turning the pages and seeing the story that I made up in my head come to life on the pages. It just blows my mind, that’s all.
I’m not sure about the glossy cover but other than that, I’m super thrilled with the result. It’s bigger than I expected, but hey, since when is that a bad thing …
If nothing unexpected turns up in my read-through, I hope to upload new files and approve the paperback for sale sometime next week. Fingers crossed!

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