Let the festivities begin!

Friday again, huh? They do sneak up on me …
This week has been mostly work and no play. I’m hoping to make up for it by visiting the Malmö Festival this weekend. It is 8 days of lots of live music and performances at different venues all over town, exotic food stands, and fun activities to try for both kids and grownups. The whole city center is decorated and filled with people having a good time. I’m not one for crowds but I’ll go for a while, early in the day, and find a quiet spot close enough to one of the stages to be able to listen to some band I’ve never heard before. Live music is almost always great, not matter what style the band happens to play. There’s something about the energy, I think. Stage musicians seem to be having such a great time. It’s infectious!
I also like to try something new from the food stalls in Gustav Adolfs Torg. Over the years I’ve tried alligator, kangaroo, and even dragon balls! (My apologies to the fantasy crowd … I’m sure no actual dragons were harmed in the making of this delicious dish!) This year there will be a new section with a dozen food trucks, where I’m hoping to find something I’ve never tried before. There will be more vegetarian and vegan options this year and the plates and cutlery will be biodegradable to reduce the inevitable waste when everyone in the photo below wants a Langos after the concert …  
When it gets this crowded, I stay at home! Foto: Johan Bävman

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