It’s here! And some more deals on summer reads!

The first book in the Scandinavian Winter Romance series is done, finished, finito, ready and eagerly awaiting its readers. Until We Lay is — as I’ve told you a million times before — the story of Supermodel Lainey and sociology student Palle, set in Denmark in February of some year (perhaps this one). 
It’s been a struggle to finish this story, I’ve given up more times than I can count, but now it is here, and it is FREE today if you would like to see if I’ve completely missed the mark. I’ve had lots of downloads but no reviews yet so the jury is still out! 🙂
If you prefer shorter reads, this weekend you can get novellas for 99 cents over at Lazy Saturday Reads. (Yes, I know it’s Friday, but you can wait and read them until tomorrow. My April Fools novella Fool Me Thrice is included in the line-up. Only 99 cents! It’s totally worth it. Especially when you get my novel for FREE! 
Now, if anyone needs me, I’m hiding under the bed, awaiting the first reviews on Until We Lay. (This is the really scary part!!!)

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