So close I can taste it, smell it, hear it, but not quite feel it

Another week slipped through my fingers without any quality writing time. All work and no romance makes for a very dull me! Particularly since I’m so very close to the end that I can taste it. I’m going to spend the weekend listening to some chapters that may need a little something extra, and then I’ll send it off to the proofreader for the final polish. 
I had wanted to press Publish in June, but couldn’t because life and work and lots of stupid reasons. But July, for sure. Come hell or high water or even more extra assignments at work that steal all my writing time! In a week or two, I’ll be finished with my current translation assignment and then I’m hoping to take a month or so off to rest and recuperate and WRITE!!!
Someone who did publish her book this week is Swedish romance queen Simona Ahrnstedt. All in was released in the US and UK on Tuesday and got a pretty good review by Redheadedgirl at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. It is the first of three contemporary romance books, set in Sweden. I do so hope that it is as good as they say and that it will create an insatiable appetite for Scandinavian Romance in readers all over the world! 😉

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