Christmas Day

Here in Sweden, Christmas was yesterday, so this day is a day of leisure, no work, no stress, no obligations whatever. The kids are playing with their presents, there’s no need to cook since we will be eating leftovers from our Christmas dinner for a week and even though there’s no soft blanket of snow here in the south, there is still a sense of peace and quiet. No cars, no voices, no blaring tv:s.
Of course, I really ought to use this time to finish my book, but instead I’m taking the day off. I might catch up on my reading and perhaps take a nap or two. Not every day can be productive. I try very hard to not feel bad about not having finished Until we lay. It was supposed to be published this Christmas, but it is far from done. 
And that’s ok. 
I don’t want to rush into this and put out a mediocre product. There are enough of those out there already. I want to write the very best book I possibly can, and if that means another re-write, then re-write I must. 
But not today. Today I rest, recuperate and read. 

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