Magic mistletoe – no cure for backache!

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I’ve not made any progress on my WIP this week, mostly because of work but also because I became obsessed with a Christmas story that I just felt that I had to write. It’s too late to get it finished and published in time for this Christmas, but I have a good feeling about it and will definitely have it polished and edited to perfection for next year’s holiday season. I know exactly what is missing but haven’t had time to fix it. 
It is so nice after struggling with longer works for months on end to be able to write a short story in just a few hours and be quite pleased with it. It’s at about 6K now, but I want to add another storyline and pad the scenes I’ve got a little more. It’s a Christmas story; it needs a lot of tinsel and some magic mistletoe in the final scenes.
Everyone needs a little magic mistletoe from time to time.
Actually, mistletoe isn’t a thing here in Scandinavia. One is not required to kiss someone just because of proximity to plants or other decorations. But I needed some magic mistletoe for this Christmas tale, so I set my story in New York. 
I don’t know if I’ll get much writing done today because I’ve managed to break something in my lower back and sitting by the computer doesn’t seem to be easing the pain in the least. So, short post due to stabbing back pain.
I hope I’ll manage to sort out my Christmas story before the 24th. Then I’ll put it here on the blog as a Christmas present to all of my readers! 😉 Fingers crossed that my backache will subside so that I can get back to work!

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